Soheila Adelipour is the author of the upcoming book ‘Wrestling With God’ to (‘Resting With God’). She received her bachelor's degree in Business and her master's degree in Art Gallery Management while her first two kids were in diapers. She was involved with the world of Arts and Antiques in New York City, followed by running high-end gift stores. Life was normal with her 4 kids and everyday problems until the series of unfortunate events shifted her focus and passions. She lost her second son in Boston in a tragic fire accident, then a few years later, both her sister and brother passed away after enduring long, horrific illnesses. At the moment Soheila’s main purpose is to give courage and strength to people with her words and experiences. Her motto is to “love life and live for the ‘Whys’ … and not the ‘Why nots’!”

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